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We have closed Waldo.

Thank you all for your interest. If you want to learn more, you can reach us anytime at [email protected]

Activate the device

After you park your bike, activate the device effortlessly using the mobile app. No key needed.

Your bike is safe

If someone tries to steal it, the device triggers a loud alarm to scare off the thief and warn people nearby.

Stay connected

Receive a push notification when there’s a theft attempt. The notification will be sent instantly.

Reunite with your bike

You’ll find your bike exactly where you left it. Just deactivate the device and enjoy the rest of your day.


Focused on prevention

Waldo stands out on the bike expressing protection, security and endurance. A tough case, sturdy locking mechanism and loud sound alarm will deter any potential thief.


Always know your bike is safe

Waldo gives you peace of mind. You can check your bicycle’s status and its position anytime using the mobile app. You’ll get notified only when your bike is in danger.


Track your bike anytime

Waldo automatically stores your bicycle’s last location and displays it on a map. Forgot where you parked? No problem, just let Waldo guide you to your bike.


Easy to mount, hard to remove by thieves

You can mount and unmount the device easily using the mobile app. However, thanks to its robust structure, the thief will have a hard time trying to take it off.

Waldo comes in two flavours: with GSM or Bluetooth.


Expected retail price
  • Push notifications
  •  Sound alarm
  • Signal blocking detection
  •  Six weeks battery life
  •  Can’t track your bike
  • Short notification range (100m)


Expected retail price
  • Push notifications
  • Sound alarm
  •  Signal blocking detection
  •  Unlimited notification range
  • Track your bike anywhere
  •  Three weeks battery life