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The nuts and bolts of Waldo

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How does Waldo work?


Waldo is comprised of a device that is mounted on the bike and a mobile app. If someone is tampering with your bike, the device triggers a loud alarm and notifies you on your smartphone. If your bike does get stolen, you can track it easily using your mobile app.

I’ve heard of products that basically do the same thing. How is Waldo different?


Unlike any other product on the market, Waldo focuses on prevention. That’s why it’s visible – to discourage any thief from trying to steal your bike. If he does have a go, the loud alarm will provide an additional layer of protection. At the same time, you will be notified on your phone.

With what types of bikes is the device compatible?


Waldo is compatible with most types of bikes: MTB, racing, city, foldable, fixed-gear – you name it. If you have any doubt that it might not work for you, send us an email at hello [at] waldo . bike with your bike model.

Do I still need a chain or an U-lock?


Though it is not compulsory, we do recommend using a trustworthy chain or U-lock.

 Can I put my device on silent mode?


Yes, you can, though we advise you against it unless you are really close to the bike.

You say that the sound alarm has 100 dB. How loud is that?


100 decibels is equivalent to a chain saw, pneumatic drill, hand drill, a speeding express train or a Bell J-2A helicopter at a 30 m distance.


Can I adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector?


This is not possible at the moment. However, that sensor has brains – it can differentiate between a theft attempt and a random movement of your bike. Thanks to this, you won’t get notified if a fellow cyclists accidentally moves your bike.

What happens if the device runs out of battery?


You will get notifications when the device’s battery is running low. Before completely running out of battery, the device unlocks itself. That means it will stay on the bike, but you will still be able to remove it and recharge it.

What if someone knocks it off or tries to cut it?


The case is made from a special kind of plastic – polyamide – reinforced with fibre glass. Moreover, if someone is tampering with the case, the device triggers the loud alarm and notifies you on your smartphone. The case is able to withstand cuts and blows – this gives you time to reach your bike and make sure it is safe.

Why isn’t the device hidden somewhere in the bike?


We are focusing on prevention. That is why we decided that Waldo should be visible on the bike – to scare off potential thieves.

How do you mount it on the bike?


You use the two silicon straps to place it firmly on the bike. They work with different seat tube types and sizes. The stainless steel arm is there to make sure that nobody takes off your device. After securing the device using the silicon straps, you insert the metal arm and lock it using your phone – we use a padlock like mechanism to hold it in place.

Will it scratch my bike when I mount it?


The device will have a rubber band on the surfaces that make contact with the bicycle, so your ride will be protected from scratches.

How do you recharge the device?


You unlock the case, take it off the bike and connect it to a micro-USB charger.

If I activate the alarm from the mobile app, will it start “screaming”?


No, it will just go in stand-by mode. That means that whenever someone tries to steal your bike it will start making noise.

Why are you doing only 100 units for the presale campaign?


We know that many cyclists need this product. And we also want Waldo to protect your ride the way you need it. That is why we are starting with a smaller batch, to work closely with you to improve the device and take into account your feedback, so you will get the most value out of it.

What if someone injects water or any type of liquid in the case?


The case is waterproof and tightly sealed. The enclosure will provide protection to ingress of both solid and liquid materials.

Technical specifications


100 dB loud sound alarm

3-axis accelerometer

Electronically blocking mechanism

Weather and impact resistant


GSM Version

Localization with GPS, Assisted GPS and triangulation using cell towers where there is no GPS signal

Power and Battery

Built-in rechargeable battery

USB charging

Software compatibility

Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone.

Case and device

Polyamide casing reinforced with fiber glass External dimmensions:  10 x 6 x 3,5 cm Weight: 250 grams

Note: We are in pre-production phase. Final specifications may differ slightly.

Bluetooth related

What type of Bluetooth does the device use?


The device uses Bluetooth 4.0 with the Smart (low energy) feature.

What happens if I lose my phone or it runs out of battery?


You can borrow someone else’s phone, install our app, login and disarm the device.

What is the notification range using Bluetooth?


Your phone keeps the connection with the device up to 100m apart, though this may vary if there are obstacles in between( trees, buildings ).

What happens if I get out of range?


The app warns you if your phone loses contact with the device.

GSM related

 Can I use my own SIM card?


Yes, you can use your own SIM card or one provided by us. Details regarding price and coverage will be provided.

 In which countries will the device work?


The GSM version of the device will work in any country with 2G network coverage. Most countries have that, the only exception being Japan. Make sure to check out the Bluetooth version as well.

If you send notifications using mobile data, will there be an extra charge for that?


Using mobile data forces us to place a chip in the device. But don’t worry, the cost for this is small. When ordering the device, you are able to pay in advance for 6 or 12 months, so you won’t have to top it up every month. Naturally, a discount is offered if you pay in advance. The longer the period, the bigger the discount.

What if I park my bike in an area with no GSM signal?


In that case, you won’t be able to arm the device in the first place. The app will warn you that the device is offline and will suggest you park it in an area with coverage.

Do you also use SMS to send alerts?


No, we use only mobile data for the GSM version of Waldo. SMS is reliable – you don’t know if or when it arrives.

Why is Waldo using 2G? Isn’t it going to disappear soon?


We chose 2G because we don’t need high speeds – the quantity of data our device sends is small. Also, 3G is generally 3 times more expensive than 2G and that would have increased the price of the device. It is true that some companies in the US have announced closing their 2G networks, but, after consulting with leaders from the industry, we came to the conclusion that 2G is not going to disappear in the next 4 years. That is because millions of industrial products (like trackers) rely on this technology and until the price gap is not lowered, they will not be replaced.

What if someone blocks the device’s signal using aluminium foil or a metal cage?


The device communicates constantly with our servers. If the communication is broken, the alarm is triggered and you are notified on your smartphone.

What happens if I lose my phone, run out of battery or lose my mobile Internet connection?


In any of these cases, you can control your device from a web interface. You will also get notifications via the web interface. It will be the same experience as on your smartphone.